Call it “banana”
and not an
“elongated yellow fruit”!

Content is king,

especially in very competitive markets. To promote products without spending high budgets on advertising campaigns the ontent itself needs to be outstanding – for users, customers and search engines like Google.
But what is content writing? It is not about writing newspaper articles, it is about optimizing all your written communication to draw interest to your products or services and to create a perfect match for any audience, human users or crawling algorithms from search engines.

Content Writing is about how to deliver your message in the perfect way to any user group with a major impact.

It includes regular social media posts about your company and products, blog articles, PR statements, annual or quarterly financial statements, internal communication with employees or various marketing channels.

Communication is everything

and we would be pleased to assist you to create any kind of written information, in English, German, Thai and Spanish. Efficient Content Writing includes a wide variety of tasks, f.i. SEO-optimized websites, email newsletters, keynote speeches, news publishing, social media posts, advertising material like OnePagers and many more.

All our work is tailored to your company scope, customer target audience, communication style and corporate design. By using creative and straight to the point styles we can ensure that your service or product presentation will be outstanding.

The goal is to deliver your values trough content, simple, targeted, interactive and with a call to action for users, machine algorithms and potential new customers.

Professional and carefully researched blog posts

At Nine Elephants Marketing we also offer specialized articles on topics related to online marketing and e-commerce in Switzerland, Germany and Austria (DACH). We are very pleased that we, together with our partner, the SOM Online Conference, update the readers all year round with exciting news, tips, trends and insider knowledge in the SOM blog. Best-case practices from experts and decision-makers in the field of digital marketing offer captivating insights into current developments, future-oriented strategies and marketing opportunities.

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