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Tired of spending money on campaigns without knowing the results and conversion rates? If you have an e-commerce shop or an online platform to attract new customers, you can spread all company news, campaigns, offers, vouchers and discounts without using any marketing budget at all. Affiliate marketing is part of the sales process, to attract new potential customers to buy your products or to subscribe to your services.

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How does it work?

Imagine that you are searching for new running shoes. You go to a shoe testing website and find the perfect model for you. That testing website shows you the best purchase offers from various online shops. You choose one shop, click on a link to go to their website and buy the product there. Afterwards, the company selling the shoes will pay a fair commission to the testing website as they acted like a digital sales manager and consultant, giving the users all needed product information, further insights, honest advice and recommendations, and therefore converted them into paying customers. The same principle works for all kind of subscriptions like registrations for your company newsletter or services, too.

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As it would consume too much time to make an individual deal with every shoe producer and testing website, we use international affiliate marketing networks like Awin, Tradedoubler, CJ, Belboon, Webgains or financeAds to bring Advertisers (=shop owners), Publishers (=websites promoting the product/service) and Users (=potential buying customers) together.

We can set-up, run, monitor and optimize your performance marketing campaigns.

Looking back on more than 17 years of well-established partnerships with publishers and affiliate networks we can run your campaigns on various channels, f.i. email, display, mobile, social media, content, couponing or cashback sites. As we run the campaigns based on a CPO (Cost per Order) or CPL (Cost per Lead) we can minimize/eliminate your financial risk as you only pay for validated sales to drive the revenue in your e-commerce shop and validated leads to increase your customer reach.

The perfect option to push your product or service without investing in classical marketing campaigns. Just leave us a note and we would be pleased to talk with you about the possibilities and more details.

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Real time bidding & dynamic ads

Besides affiliate marketing other areas like real time bidding and dynamic ads are another important part of performance marketing. The goal is always to ensure that all your advertising investments reach the highest possible ROI. This includes various channels like Google Ads, display advertising, email-marketing, co-operations and -registrations, social media and content marketing. The goal is to measure all parameters and based on that knowledge to optimize all your campaigns. Below-the-line-communication is a key word to emphasize that the use of attribution models and business intelligence is an important factor to succeed – cross-media and optimized for all kind of budgets and individual needs. Modularity is key as you can set milestones for each campaign and always optimize the efficiency by various options.

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